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Lucia De Giovanni is an award-winning photographer and internationally known photojournalist currently residing in Denver, CO. She is the Founder of MYPP, Mentor a Young Photographer Program, the "My Life" Project and "The LOVE Project". For most of her career, De Giovanni has been a member of CPA, the Colorado Press Association and NPPA, the National Press Photographers Association.

For her photojournalistic work, De Giovanni was awarded the prestigious 2011 Simon Rockower Award, First Place, Excellence in Photography.

For many years, De Giovanni was the official photographer of the band LIVE, and all Think Loud companies, including Think Loud Studios, a state of the art recording studio located in York, PA.  

De Giovanni's focus on Corporate Social Responsibility has expanded her commercial work to engage with global companies to document business activities that contribute to society, via their involvement with local communities.


Author and Photographer- "The LOVE Project", United States, 2011

Photographer - "Amongst Sisters", Australia, 2011


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"For De Giovanni – who is frequently distracted during our conversation by the reflection of a tree in a murky puddle of rainwater – that capability to translate her experience into compelling, insightful, evocative images is the matchless power of her chosen art form. “For me, it’s always been fascinating to know that I have the ability, through photography, to actually put somebody behind my eyes.” 

And those eyes don’t just see what so many of us overlook. They also capture the emotions, the mood, the essence of their subjects. De Giovanni’s photographs convey a sense of tranquility, peace and contentment that makes viewing them an exceptionally pleasing and joyful experience. Though she professes a disregard for the classical rules of lighting and composition, De Giovanni’s images possess the balance and harmony for which so many visual artists strive, a remarkable visual cohesion that enthralls and transports the viewer.

“I want people to start noticing more of their environment,” De Giovanni exclaims, barely able to contain her delight, “because it really is just gorgeous.” –Eryc Eyl